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What is a coupon?
xFixone send coupon to our users who purchase from or activity participation, for relief purchase paid Huimin measures. We currently offer two kinds of coupons, below is xFixone existing coupons.

P coupons
xFixone mall within the universal, without the use of quota, category, store, geographical restrictions. Leaflets orders can only use a P coupon, payment at par total relief, can not be used with other coupons. Special commodity can not be used.

Category P coupons
Amost the same as P coupon attributes, but limited by category of goods, can only buy a particular category of goods, without the use of limit.

Coupons access ways?
Way 1: xFixone Free presentation
Some of the goods from for a single product or mail promotions, commodity advertisements and promotional information, the information prompts, orders and completed orders with single gift.
Way 2: Participate activities of
To participate in the full return coupons activities, all kinds of user research, show prize activities, Review awards event, and receive free coupons activities by certain rules that have the opportunity to get the coupons.
Way 3: Points exchange P coupons
Being studied in the opening.

How to use coupons?
Enter the coupon code in the shopping cart page, and you can receive related promotions.